Simberg Hobnob by Twyford Signal and out of Rotherwood Hollyhock by Rotherwood State Occasion, he was welshpony section B Champion at Glanusk in 1995, as a 2-year old colt.

Introducing judge Mrs. Ylva Lindh

Hereby we are introducing of one our 22nd International show judges: Mrs. Ylva Lindh of the Simberg stud in Sweden.

Mrs. Ylva Lindh‘s first contact with the Welsh breed was in 1972 when her parents bought a cross-bred Welsh Mountain for her.

In 1976 she had her first pure bred section B; a mare called Örnäs Midnight Girl from Coed Coch bloodlines, whom she kept for many years.

Simberg Stud

At Simberg Stud Ylva breeds Welsh pony section B, Part Breds, Warmbloods (SWB, OLDB, HOLST) and Standardbreds (trotters). The farm is located outside Götene in the county of Västergötaland, southwest Sweden.

Ylva will judge the Part Breds with Mr.. Eric Davies (Maesmynach stud) and the Mini Performance classes with Mrs. Margaret Edwards (Neffyd Stud) on the 22nd International Show which is held on 24-25th of August in Holland.

Looking happy

Ylva: “When I’m judging WPB, I prefer to see a pony or horse with a well-formed neck, well-angled shoulder, strong hindquarters and with ground-covering movements.”

“In the mini performance classes I’ll be looking for ponies that are well-mannered, calm, looking happy and with good movements.”

‘I feel honoured to be one of the judges at the 22nd International Show and I’m really looking forward to it’.

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