mr. Lars Frandsen

Introducing judge Mr. Lars Frandsen

Next, we are introducing of one the judges of the 22nd International show: mr. Lars Frandsen from the Fakla stud in Denmark.

We start with a short introduction of Lars Frandsen and the Fakla Stud. Lars is 47 years old and married to his lovely wife, Pia. Together, they have two grown-up children, Cirkeline and Christoffer, who are the daily working force in the stable at Fakla Stud.

Fakla Stud is located in the middle of Denmark, near the hometown of the famous fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen. The Fakla stud was started by Lars his parents, Keld and Birthe, around 40 years ago. In the early days, Lars was a very active rider and did a lot of driving with the ponies as well. Nowadays, the focus is more on breeding, showing, and of course, judging both in Denmark and abroad.

Lars will judge the section A with mrs. Sarah Hamer (Cwmhir stud) and the driven classes with mr. Eric Davies (Maesmynach stud) on the 22nd International Show which is held on 24-25th of August in The Netherlands.

Fakla Jana & Fakla Diablo

Today, Fakla Stud counts around 25 Welsh Section A’s, and they breed around 5 to 7 foals each year. One of the stud’s all-time achievements was when they won the Section A championship at the 2015 International Show with our homebred mare, Fakla Jana (Lacy Celt x Fakla Jasmine), and unbelievably she also won the Reserve championship section A with the on that moment yearling colt, Fakla Diablo (Nantdywyll Llenor x Fakla Dorina), who now stays in the Netherlands.

Many of their ponies can be traced back to the Nantdywyll stud of their dear old friend, the now late John Jones (Big John).

Fan of Coed Coch and old Revel

Lars: “One of the questions that I received, along with the introduction of myself, was how does a sec. A look like? I am a great fan of the Coed Coch ponies and the old Revel ponies as well. So I guess you can say I like the ‘middle of the road’ type, not too sweet and not too plain.”

“Personally, I like a well-fronted pony with a sloping shoulder and with good depth and a good hindquarter. In movement, I like to see a good walk, and I love to see a powerful trot with action coming from behind and extension from the shoulder in the front!”

‘I am looking very much forward to judging the show and seeing all your lovely ponies there.’