• All relevant information, together with a timetable, maps/directions etc. will be sent by email to the exhibitors together with confirmation of entry.
  • Catalogues will be handed out to exhibitors upon arrival, together with entry numbers etc.
  • Catalogues will be available on the showgrounds from Saturday, 24th morning (00); the price will be
  • € 10,00 for visitors and for extra copies for exhibitors (one catalogue is included for each exhibitor).
  • The showground is open from Friday, 23th August in the morning (10.00), until Monday the 26th August in the morning (10.00).
  • The showground has toilets and showers available at all times during the above mentioned period.
  • There will also be a restaurant on the showground where breakfast, lunches, drinks and snacks can be purchased.
  • There will be no cash prizes.
  • Special rosettes produced for the occasion will be awarded, as well as trophies and medals to champions.
  • No substitution of entries will be allowed!
  • Information about Veterinary & Health regulations that are necessary for the outward and return journey, must be obtained from the responsible authorities in each exhibitors’ country.
  • Caravans and lorries can be put up on the showgrounds (not tents); electricity is available by reservation and must be payed for . Access to toilet facilities, showers etc. is included in the prices mentioned below.
  • A list of hotels and other accommodation is linked on
  • Stable fees are for the entire duration of the event –shavings and ‘mucking out service’ is included. It will be possible to buy additional bedding and hay on the showgrounds. Own bedding not allowed. Not adhering to this rule the person who rented the stable will be finrd for extra costs for disposal.
  • We hope that all exhibitors will join us for a Get-Together-Party on Saturday evening, which will be held on the showgrounds.
  • Adverts in the show catalogue can be obtained by applying on the Entry Form (see prices below). Adverts should be emailed directly to the Show Secretary in The Netherlands (, as a ready-to-print jpg- or pdf-file – thus not compressed.
  • All entries must be made on the official Entry Form (see below) – together with a copy of the passport or registration certificate, and must be sent with the correct fees before the closing date.
  • Exhibitors from The Netherlands submit their entries directly to the Show Secretary/ or can by entered on the NWPCS online members website
  • Exhibitors from abroad must submit their entry forms and payment to the representative of their own society (see list below).
  • These representatives must check the entries for correctness and make payment in Euro to the Welsh Pony en Cob Vereniging, IBAN/Accountnumber: NL75 RABO 0132 3128 16, BIC: RABONL2U
  • Exhibitors from countries, who have no society representation, are welcome to submit their entries directly to our Show Secretary (

Event Info

Date :

Saturday - August 24, 2024

Showground :

Peelbergen Equistrian Centre, Travers 5, 5976 PL Kronenberg. The Netherlands

not exceeding 12 hh / 121,9 cm

Welsh Mountain pony ~ section A

not exceeding 13.2 hh / 137,2 cm

Welsh pony ~ section B

not exceeding 13.2 hh / 137,2 cm

Welsh pony of Cob-type ~ section C